Lokalise APIv2 Elixir SDK

Elixir interface for the Lokalise APIv2.

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Exception handling

Error codes

Error codes used by the API

If an error is raised by the API, a tuple with three elements will be returned:

{:error, error_data, http_status_code}

For example, you may use the following approach:

case ElixirLokaliseApi.Projects.find(project_id) do
  {:ok, data} ->
    data |> IO.inspect

  {:error, error_data, http_status_code} ->
    error_data |> IO.inspect
    http_status_code |> IO.inspect

API Rate Limits

Access to all endpoints is limited to 6 requests per second from 14 September, 2021. This limit is applied per API token and per IP address. If you exceed the limit, a 429 HTTP status code will be returned and the corresponding exception will be raised that you should handle properly. To handle such errors, we recommend an exponential backoff mechanism with a limited number of retries.

Only one concurrent request per token is allowed.