Lokalise APIv2 Ruby SDK

Ruby interface for the Lokalise APIv2 that represents returned data as Ruby objects.

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Lokalise APIv2 Ruby interface

Install the gem:

gem install ruby-lokalise-api

Obtain Lokalise API token in your personal profile, initialize and use the client:

require 'ruby_lokalise_api'

@client = RubyLokaliseApi.client 'YOUR_TOKEN_HERE'

project = @client.project '123.abc'
project.name # => 'My Project'

process = @client.upload_file project_id,
                              data: 'Base-64 encoded data... ZnI6DQogI...',
                              filename: 'my_file.yml',
                              lang_iso: 'en'

process.status # => 'queued'

reloaded_process = process.reload_data

reloaded_process.status # => 'completed'

Looking for a Rails integration? Try the lokalise_rails gem. Also you can use a lokalise_manager gem which allows to exchange translation files between Lokalise and any Ruby script.

You can also check this repo containing some usage examples and this blog post with explanations.


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