Lokalise APIv2 Node SDK

Node interface for the Lokalise APIv2.

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Translation attributes

Fetch translations

API doc

This endpoint also supports cursor pagination which is now a recommended approach, especially for fetching large amounts of data. Please learn more in the Pagination docs.

const translations = lokaliseApi.translations().list({
  project_id: project_id,
  filter_is_reviewed: 0,
  filter_lang_id: 803,
  page: 2,
  limit: 1


Please note that if you would like to filter translations by their language, you have to provide language ID, not language ISO code, as it is shown in the example above!

Fetch a single translation

API doc

const translation = await lokaliseApi.translations().get(translation_id, {project_id: project_id});


Update translation

API doc

const translation = await lokaliseApi.translations().update(
  {translation: 'updated'},
  {project_id: project_id}